Breweries Special Event Station

Be sure join us on December 5, 2020 for the first ever Brewreies on the air event, celebrating the end of Prohibition. That would be December 5, 1933 You remember, right? You were just a Novice ham then, and had to whoop in up in CW.

Now in the 21st century we can whoop properly be setting up actual ham facilities at breweries all over America. We would include Canada, but what to they know about beer?

Get out the Field Day gear and make arrangements with your local brewer. He will probably set your station up outside in the cold, but you’ll be sloshed you’ll never notice.


73 de Tom WB8LCD
Brewmeister in Chief

2 thoughts on “Breweries Special Event Station

  1. i will be home at my camp in the adirondacks, in a comfy spot in between the keggerator , the woodstove and my radio. i am going to try and find you on the air …it sure has been cold outside lately. but yer special station event will be fun and interesting as the hours and empty mugs go flying by. very cool idea to break up the monotony around here. i look foreward to making contact and hanging out, not just a quick qso and go . i am old school….this is kevin (kc2-clk)….i will try. take care.


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